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Post - COVID restrictions, Rhoda will resume TREC clinics, mainly in the central belt of Scotland.


TREC is great fun, and all about good all-round horsemanship. Three phases – the POR is Orienteering on horseback, the CoP shows your control in canter and walk, and the PTV is a cross country type phase with obstacles where rather than just jump, you might go over, under, round or through the obstacle either ridden or led.

She generally has four riders for 60 mins per group, to practice the MA/Control of Paces, measuring a slow canter and then a fast walk for 50m by time to get points, and also some of the obstacles. Everything is optional in TREC (even at a competition) so do feel free to come and find out which you enjoy the most. Can be practised in walk/trot only, or even in hand.

All riders should have third-party liability insurance. Places are limited and must be pre-booked and paid for before the clinic.

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